Budae Jigae


Korean stew with rice cake, spam, bacon, sausage, carrot, onion, scallion, mushroom, bean, zucchini and ramen noodle. 

Location: Farandole in Boston, MA
Price: ~$19
Food: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5

I have to say, this dish probably feeds over 2 people.

Bring a friend 😉

It’s absolutely worth it! The spice level is definitely high but when you pair it with rice, it’s perfect. The combination of all the flavors from the meat and different ingredients just leave you coming back for more. Having moved out to the west coast, this is one dish that I’m looking to find. I’ve even tried to bring all the ingredients together to make this at home. That goes to show how delicious it is 😀


All you can eat Korean BBQ


Flavored chicken and beef, baby octopus!

Location: Bull Korean in Cupertino, CA 
Price: ~$30
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5

Last weekend, I was really craving some korean bbq or even hotpot. So I went on yelp on looked around and found this place. The parking was decent in a mini plaza in Cupertino.

We went here for an early dinner around 4pm. We ordered a bunch of things from all over the menu from bulgogi beef to cajun chicken to baby octopus. The meats were pretty fresh and those that were flavored were great. The bar option was also great, especially the chap chae, very light and paired very well with the meats. The staff were also very friendly.

Will most likely go back in the future. I must order some of the meats that were flavorful and get the chap chae! The bulgogi flavored meat was really delicious!

Roti Prata


multi-layered home made Indian bread with curry sauce

Location: Banana Leaf Restaurant in Milpitas, CA 
Price: ~$4
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5

This was a restaurant suggested to me from someone whom I work with, and this is the second time I’ve been here. I have to say, the Roti Prata is beyond delicious. For $4, it was definitely worth it. They have two other options, Roti Telur ($7.5), with egg and Roti Murtabak ($13), with beef, egg and onion added on respectively. I stuck with the original since it seemed the most cost effective while allowing me to order an entree as well. The curry sauce is just perfect and flavorful, spiced but not spicy.

I got there right around 5:30pm on a weekend. We got lucky and didn’t have to wait before getting a table. However, this spot is known to have a waitlist. As I was heading out of the restaurant around 6ish, there was a waitlist starting. I would recommend going their a little earlier to avoid waiting.

I will most definitely be back again for another Roti Prata. I’d be curious to taste their Banana Leaf Rice to see what that’s all about 😀

Matcha Made in Heaven


Green tea ice cream with fresh strawberries

Location: 10 Below Ice Cream in New York
Price: ~$7
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5

Throwback post to when I was still in the east coast. There was a video circulating on Facebook about thai style ice cream and that was what peaked my interest. Then I did a little research as to where I can locate thai style ice cream in the east coast and found this place. I forget which location I went to but I would say overall average ice cream. The work that went into making the handmade rolls were pretty impressive.

Not sure if I’ll go back again for the same flavor since the green tea didn’t really go too to well with strawberries. I did want to try the “I love you a latte”, house brewed coffee and condensed milk so I may go back for that 🙂

Spicy Miso Ramen


Soybean broth with chili, corn, bean sprouts, fish cake, green onion, seaweed, soft-boiled egg, and chashu pork.

Location: Super 88 & Ramen in Mountain View, CA
Price: ~$12
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5

Read about their happy hour on Yelp and also their all-you-can-eat sushi and decided to give this place a try 🙂 I went on a Saturday right around lunch time and didn’t really have to wait to be seated. I’m a huge ramen fan so I decided to go with the spicy miso ramen. And it was most definitely a great choice! The soft-boiled egg was on pointtt, super delicious. The chashu pork was really tender. The spicy level was a little less than those I’ve had at other places but just perfect enough for me.

In short, it was delicious and I will most definitely be back for another bowl and maybe some sushi the next time I go back!